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Token celebrates its 100th release with Luke Slater, a legend of the genre, releasing under one of his most iconic aliases: Planetary Assault Systems. For over 25 years, Slater has delivered unparalleled quality in his music – a formative figure in Techno and instrumental in defining the sound globally, few can touch the Brit for depth, urgency and hit rate.

Exhibiting near enough perfect renditions of classic dance-floor moods, the four track EP is a wrought iron rollercoaster through some of the artist’s most exacting work, whether it be the booming opener ‘Bang Wap’; the hypnotic and driving ‘Bolt’; ‘Say It Loud’ with its dry and tight drums and vocal samples and finally the psychedelic, Detroit-inspired sounds of ‘Closer Shine’.

The EP is set to release on both digital and 12″ format on May 14th – listen to a preview below!