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Marcel Fengler Launches New ‘HARDPROOF’ VA Project

Marcel Fengler stands for imposing surprises and the appeal of variety. For him, techno is an unconditional passion and an essential part of his identity. Over the last two decades, he developed a versatile and dynamic style that has seen him become one of the genre’s most impactive and respected names on a global scale, stemming from him being one of the first resident DJs of Berlin’s infamous Berghain/Panorama Bar in 2005. Marcel’s IMF (Index Marcel Fengler) label has been a platform to home both his original music and new emerging talent since 2011, just recently celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

Stepping into the summer of 2023, Marcel now looks to the birth of a new and unique compilation project that will be taking a more independent direction from the labels other output, with a completely different design and artistic focus.

Marcel says that “the HARDPROOF V/A series is a benchmark of quality techno tracks whilst putting the focus almost exclusively on tracks by younger producers who truly inspire me. Perhaps some of them having a shorter career in the music industry but still producing damn good tracks. I really love their music and I am glad to have every single one of them on board.”

The first ‘HARDPROOF’ compilation serves as a strong signal of intent with some incredible productions straight off the bat. It delivers an explicitly avant-garde agenda, boasting racy groovers, dark and moody dancefloor heaters, and analogue-heavy jams across its five-track listing. Fresh tunes from Danny Wabbit, Grace Dahl, vrov, STEYA and Sigvard all make the first volume of what promises to be a frequent high-quality underground techno experience.

Release Date: The first volume of ‘HARDPROOF’ is available now on Marcel Fengler’s IMF.

Listen below!