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Marcus L is back at Ameniia Records for his first EP of 2021, crafting three fast, energetic tracks paired with an exceptional release from Germany’s JANEIN.

Titled ‘K-Force’, the 4-track EP is a journey back to a 90’s rave techno party. Marcus L’s three tracks have a distinct old-school, yet futuristic feel to them with a level of energy that is sure to capture the attention of those listening at home or in a club. In particular, the trance-like pace of ’90HC’ stands out for its enchanting melody and embedded groove.

JANEIN’s interpretation of ‘K-Force’ inputs his own mood into the original, with a deeper, grittier vibe to it that is as pleasing as it is different. Appropriate breaks in the thumping kick drum make this a track that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat, and rounds out the release very nicely.

‘K-Force’ releases digitally on March 4th – listen to a premiere of ’90HC’ below!