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Mary Velo’s latest release comes on Advanced human’s label Gynoid Audio. As her fourth release on the Australian label, Blood, Sweat + Tears explores the creation of hypnotic hooks and broody basslines. For a techno EP, the release has a remarkable amount of rhythm and groove packed into it. Beginning with the eponymous track, “Blood, Sweat + Tears” features a dynamic build with a light, dancefloor vibe that transforms into brassy, hollow pads. “Blood, Sweat + Tears” is a smokey beginning, with sounds of industrial sparsity becoming constant features throughout.

The track creates a nice segway into “Distort,” which kicks off heavy from the first beat. Making for a perfect fit for the dancefloor, the track’s sharp, electric pads offer listeners a glimpse into the Canadian’s techno sound palette. With claps overlaying a moody bassline, “Distort” bites at the heels of each sequence that is presented. A darker edge can be found in this track, drawing on industrial and tech influences, whilst the haunting, distortive melody of “Empress of State” marks a new turn for the EP. Mary allows time for each element to breathe and creep into the fore, overlaying crescendoing pads and choppy snares to provide the track with a hypnotic, tunnelling sensation.

Rounding out with “Forever Falling,” Mary embraces an industrial and matured sound and turns it into something uniquely atmospheric. With a spacey air to the track, she does a great job of combining brassy melodies and jagged dancefloor groove.

Blood, Sweat + Tears is out now on Gynoid Audio.