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Wigbert’s ‘Distorted Matter Remixes’ EP announced on Second State

After German producer Wigbert’s debut LP’s release on Second State in January, industry heavyweights including Matrixxman, Mørbeck, Jeroen Search, Anthony Linell and label heads Pan-Pot share their interpretations of his work for the ‘Distorted Matter Remixes’ EP.

The music Wigbert creates has both equal parts of analogue machines and human input. In a sense, while producing, Wigbert becomes a ‘human machine’ by becoming one with his technological tools at hand. His drive to create organic sound flows though the final products – which are energetic, explorative, authentic and fresh as Wigbert encapsulates all elements of pure, true sound. Rather than have a structured production process while in the studio, Wigbert allows his human experiences and imagination roam free with the machines he uses. He opens himself up to what the machines communicate in return and then channels it, just so. In his own words: “Music is an infinite journey, mysterious and never ending.”

Listen below for some snippets of the various reimaginings of Wigbert’s strong foundational production efforts.

The EP is available for purchase here from May 21st 2021 – on both digital and vinyl formats!