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Nene H announces debut ‘Ali’ album on Incienso

After releasing outstanding albums in 2020 from DJ Python and Call Super, New York based label Incienso presents the debut album of Istanbul-born, Berlin & Copenhagen-based artist Nene H (real name Beste Aydin) titled ‘Ali’.

In this record, Aydin has used her background as a classically trained pianist and her deep, foundational knowledge of musical theory to synergise contrasting electronic compositions and the mental process of mourning the death of a loved one.

Described as a “living thing”,’Ali’ is a sophisticated story told with a complex structure and hidden, subtle meaning. Born as a tribute after the passing of her late father, Aydin has found catharsis through a personal odyssey, the reflection of which can be seen through these 8 tracks. Raised in a traditional Turkish family and now living in Germany with its westernised lifestyle, informs the intersections of identity and duality that Aydin exists and creates from within. This consolidation of identity has pushed her to seek solitude and confidence in the power of being able to represent the process of her existence in the scene as a Middle Eastern woman with Muslim upbringing.

“Representing my heritage and my personal loss in such way in such format would be something that I would be scared of doing couple of years ago, but I have also learned to own it during the past year, especially in these times of social movement against racism and discrimination, which is bringing to minorities so much power to be who they are and not try to blend in all the time.”

The LP is built up of harmonically interdependent musical lines, dissonant and microtonal contexts, textures and unconditioned progressions, incorporating contemporary electronic music forms in unconventional ways. The functionality of the vocals changes with each track, using both Turkish and German texts creating a bilingual fracture. Written after the loss of her father these texts have become part of a continual thread throughout the entire album.

The album will be released on July 16th on both 12″ & digital formats – listen to ‘Lament’ from the album below!