Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

The brainchild of Nihad Tule and Martin ‘Bauri’ Abrahamsson, Ibrahimović is back with a new three track EP.

The project initially raised eyebrows with their 2015 debut, Camp Nou. Releasing on the Subwax Black Label Series, the duo’s intial offering gave audiences a glimpse into their potential of high-energy, late night techno. 

With the first solo release, Ibrahimović walks listeners through suburban Malmö with three powerful and emotional tracks. 

An undulating and stalking bassline creeps underneath skittering hats, while an emotional synth line leads the way on Annelund. Even after a three year hiatus, it seems the duo haven’t missed a step with their production. Clean claps and head-jerking percussion steal the limelight in this one.

909-aplenty, Ajax keeps the energy high into the second half of the EP. Low fidelity melodies provide an authentic and nostalgic touch to this effort – a real standout example of the duo’s production talent.

Closing out the release is the acid-flecked Rosengård. Pulling the percussion back for the final track of the EP is a calculated move; allowing the acid to resonate and reverberate amongst all the elements ties the piece together to create a cohesive final movement. 

Ibrahimović is out now in 12″ format, distributed by Subwax Distribution. Listen to snippets from the EP below.