Techno Music Melbourne

Nihad Tule has returned with another EP on his own label, titled SLBD0000000.

In typical Nihad fashion, SLBD0000000 kicks off with an insatiable groove on Globe. Plucked synth lines and an immense low-end, its the perfect beginning to an impressive release.

Following, Theta continues the trend of low-heavy tracks. Modular bleeps and ambience strain through the lows to take the listener to outer-space – a transcendent trip through the outer-reaches of techno, suitable for any time of the night. 

Cycle works out the drum-machine – clattering hats, a thumping kick and minimal but effective synth work, a pick-me-up for the latest of nights and real difference-maker. 

Home tugs on the heart strings. An ambient piece which is as introspective as it is compositionally impressive. Nihad flexes his artistic muscle here, and it does not go begging. 

SLBD0000000 is out now in digital formats. Listen to the full EP below.