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Nur Jaber presents Planet OSF, the first instalment of her celestial series launching with a 6-track techno expedition from a collection of beautifully curated producers. 

Coming from the beautiful yet troubled homeland of Beirut, Lebanon has no doubt affected the way Nur understands culture and those experiences which shape it. With this as her creative inspiration, her music always has a deeper message and meaning. Spending summers at Boston’s Berklee College of Music allowed her to gain a plethora of valuable experiences and musical knowledge, all of which helping lead her to her current sound which is geared towards electronic music, in particular music that makes you dance!

Inviting fresh talent, immensely creative minds, and friends alike, Beirut’s techno import Nur Jaber drops “Planet OSF” on her Berlin-based OSF imprint. Enlisting the likes of international & Berlin based producers Eira Haul, KOR, Lesser Of, Truant, Eira Haul & Luca Eck, Nur takes listeners on an otherworldly sonic odyssey. 

Special mention must go to Nur Jaber’s “Bring Back”, which stands as what one might call an ode to what we are all missing. Catalyzing with glistening ethereal keys, a swift melody gradually fuses to the track. Without warning, a deep bassline and crunching distorted kick joins, soon to be layered under a sweet, emotive female vocal that wanes over the driving percussion, restoring the softness to this utopian cut.

The release will be available from May 14th – listen to some snippets from the release below!