Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Following the release of his extremely strong Acceptance EP, Spanish techno artist Oscar Mulero has gone deep and low, exploring sonic textures and low BPM grooves on his experimental album void of dancefloor burners, titled Perfect Peace.

Melodies, pads, drones, and grooves collide in this soulful collection, conceived with the aim to be listened as a pure soundtrack. As an artist familiar to these sounds, Mulero’s professionalism is evident on tracks such as Ataraxia, with filtered drums, melancholy and floating pads taking he listener through the start of a brand new chapter of Mulero’s distinguished career. 

Surrender the Soul follows as a beatless ambient effort; liquid pads and textures acting as a dramatic and introspective interlude. On Eternal Power returns to rhythmic territories, spiced with soft synth sounds and drones, while Unwavering Departure conducts a slow-paced groove highlighted with resonant hits and more artisanal pad action.

Ouroboros is an arpeggiated synth solo again Mulero utilises to break up the record with another interlude. Return to Ash and Swathed in the Absolute are songs in the true sense of the word, with harmonic cadencies and field recordings underpinning the trackwhile the arms of fate go back to abstract territories: introspective, dense, and despondent. Finality of Performance closes the album, returning to beauty and euphoric melodies with filtered grooves as the centre rhythm component. 

A new step in Mulero’s ever-growing career, further showcasing his studio skills and music taste far beyond his position as a fundamental techno DJ – Perfect Peace is an album for the ages. 

Perfect Peace is set for release on March 16th of this year, and will be available in digital, CD, and 2×12″ formats. Listen to the first cut off the album below, titled Ataraxia.