Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Oscar Mulero is one busy individual, with just recently announcing his new experimental EP titled Acceptance, as well as the unveiling of his new audio-visual live project, Monochrome. 

Preceding what is going to be Mulero’s brand new album, this extended EP offers six cuts of intelligent electronic music, still rythmic but uniquely low in tempos and deep in mental approach.

Kicking things off, Inherent Progression involves sampled speech, melodic arpeggios, melancholic melodies and harsh industrial broken beats to keep the pace and launch the EP right off the bat. 

Following, Crux starts with microbleeps growing, reverberated pads and intricate beats made of deep and low kicks, distorted signals and a dynamic structure to maintain the listener’s interest. 

Depth in Clarity comes next, and is a strikingly beautiful exercise with breathing pads and massive synthesized drums that draws comparisons to Autechre tracks like Incunnabula, and follows the tradition started in his sophomore album Grey Fades to Green.

Title track Acceptance starts from zero, with filtered drums, micro textures and bleeps alongside sweeps and drones, until harmony is found with multiple layers arranged neatly on the surface. 

Edges of Mortality provides a complex groove, spread out across a broad stereo spectrum, giving the drums a lead role in the effort. Varying sequences present themselves and fade back again throughout the work, texturising the track in a constantly evolving and dynamic structure. An incredibly impressive effort.

Closing out the EP is Exhale And Expand, with grand piano samples filtered and altered, fighting with a processed bleep and mega reverberated pads and opaque percussive details.

Acceptance is set for release in physical and digital formats on January 18th next year.

Alongside this incredibly impressive and excitingly unique EP, Mulero has announced his new audio-visual live set, titled Monochrome. Constructed in order to display some of his most avant-garde tracks, the project will feature some of the efforts found in the aforementioned Acceptance EP and more. Watch the full live set below.