Techno Music Melbourne

UK’s Overlook and Positive Centre release their debut collaborative project, Carrier, on Tommy Four Seven’s 47 imprint. The EP, titled 47017, encompasses some of the most textured and abrasive experimental techno and dance music to come out of the United Kingdom this year.

Overdriven hats steal the show on opening track Blue Nine, where they grate their way around the kick drum to act as an elongated tail amid the mix. A heavily distorted vocal moans through the grit while high pitched percussion highlights every 8 bars. Tied together with a rich and comprehensive drone, this is an excellent start to the young project.

From there, the duo delve straight into Regis-esque UK techno in Counter Illumination. One of the standouts on the record, the track oozes energy from the outset, with layered kick drums and a pulsing low-end drone paving the way for saturated snares. Industrial samples boom and hiss throughout and carry this effort toward its eventual end – a really fantastic effort.

Presenting a more introspective and emotional take on the notions of energy and power presented with the previous effort, Suggestion pairs the same mid-kick with sampled textures and melancholic pads. A departure from the previously overdriven hats, the crispness of the closed hats in this track are very much welcomed, allowing the listener to wade through the vast amounts of low-end on offer without getting exhausted.

More dubstep and electro-inspired, Foreshadow closes the EP with a bang. Excellently produced, effective elements, and an infectious groove, it’s difficult to not nod one’s head alongside this one. Whilst more stripped back than has been previously seen throughout the EP, the percussion is more potent than ever, driving the track further through the layers of pads and textures. 

47017 is set for release on September 28th in both 12″ and digital formats. Listen to snippets from the EP below.