Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

P.E.A.R.L. has started a new Various Artists Falling Ethics series, titled Falling Ethics Eleven. With an open approach to electronic music, ranging from amient, experimental electronia, and proper club adventures, the first two volumes feature music from Steve Bicknell, Reeko, P.E.A.R.L., SHCXCHCXSH, Ex Continent, and the first new 65D Mavericks track released in five years.

To start the series, Volume 1 provides a stacked lineup of well-trained veterans – UK legend Steve Bicknell, Spanish maestro Reeko, and label head P.E.A.R.L.

This first instalment focuses plainly on nuanced and complex dance numbers, kicking off with Bicknell’s Depth of Perception. A rugged repetitive exercise that runs with all elements from the beginning: rolling subs, sharp percussive elements, and hidden bassdrums. With no breakdowns, the linear structure and tension builds to an immense level, drawing out the excitement in every listener and dance floor. 

Reeko provides a minimalistic exercise on Ironic Death. Based on a hypnotic synth line, twisted beats and an unpredictable arrangement, Reeko has presented an intricate effort towards the club.

P.E.A.R.L. closes Volume 1 with another precise club tool. Slow-paced kicks, a continuous dry bassline, sweeps and micro drones cascade and rain down upon the percussion that weaves in and out throughout the duration. A fitting end to a startlingly strong inital volume. 

Continuing the series, London based project 65D Mavericks, Swedish duo SHCXCHCXSH, and Ex Continent make up the new contingent of tracks. 

65D Mavericks opens the second volume with The Divine Comedy. It’s an out of this world exercise, where off-kilter vocal samples, broken beats, acid lines, and hard textures all interplay and create an immensely textured piece. Rave meets experimental in this effort, where it’s often rare to hear a track produced so cleanly.

Following, SHCXCHCXSH go alien with their experiment ggg. A harsh and twisted audio treatment ensures the robotic grooves and claustrophobic modular bleeps have the maximum impact possible on its audience. An eerie yet hugely infectious track from start to finish. 

The final cut, Del Blau Al Groc | Viceversa from Ex Continent fuses ambient and distorted grooves in countless different layers, exploring different sound moods all within 7 minutes. 

Falling Ethics ElevenVolume 1 and Volume 2 are both available now, in 12″ and digital formats. Listen to snippets from Volume 2 below.