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PhonoTropismi is an Italian label founded in the spring of 2019 and based in Southern Italy.

The idea came from observing the Phono-Tropism phenomenon; which is the reaction that a human body has towards a sound source, especially if this source arouses a great feeling of pleasure. The primary objective is to extract the more energetic and obscure side of the artist, where grit, rhythm and melody are configured with a focus on Techno and its segments.

The newest output ‘Incontrollate Sequenze Dionisiache’ is a 14-track compilation that aptly represents PhonoTropismi’s gritty sound. The ever-evolving Italian label is focused on delivering high quality modern techno, involving emerging artists from all over the world who have love for music as a common denominator. 

The impressive release is available now, and features artists such as Empirical Distress, Nothing is Real & Sebastian Bayne – with special praise reserved for Bayne’s pensive and powerful ‘End Scenes’ track.

Listen below!