Techno Music Melbourne

Brisbane label Pocketmoth has announced their newest mix, coming from Ozacure in Tel Aviv. The duo is comprised of Yotam Aflalo & Eran Ben Zeev. They met in 2004 at the age of 16 at an open air party in Israel. Not long after meeting, they started to share ideas and work on their own line of outdoor underground parties, mostly in the forests around Jerusalem and in the desert.

The musical concept was old-school 90’s acid music. The parties were very successful, encouraging the bookings of international artists in Israel. After a few years of experimenting with different kinds of music, Eran & Yotam developed the Ozacure project in 2017. The meaning behind the name started from Eran’s nickname among friends which is Ozak. This name was then combined the concept of healing the society with frequencies and music – which led to the ‘cure’ aspect in the name.

Moved by a passion for Acid, Experimental, Techno, Breaks and Electro, Ozacure have shaped their own unique style, manipulating stable rhythms with deep basslines and lots of acid.

In 2018 Ozacure created their unique live analog show; combining innovative textures and grooves with modular synthesizers, samplers, live instruments, drum machines and more. This mix in particular is composed on a modular system, as well as a range of outboard gear and hardware. Listen below via the Soundcloud player.