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Portugal’s Holldën announces 5-track EP on personal imprint

Holldën completes his hat-trick of Kuiper Noise 2022 release with this fast-beating, rogue-sounding, heart-rending beast of an EP, fueled by 5 epic tracks which place it as an unrivalled object of devotion in the Portuguese producer’s body of work.

Deliberate or not, the whole record plays like a kick in the teeth of an industry mired in its own vices, showcasing Holldën at his loosest and most creative, as he delivers blow after blow of seizure-inducing modern dancefloor techno.

While an emotional streak ran through his earliest works, here it comes into play not to subdue the underlying rawness of the music, but to reveal to the world its passionate, amphibian, almost fiercely humane soul.

Release Date: October 6th, 2022