Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Birmingham-born, Berlin-based artist Rebekah is set to deliver a new release on Bas Mooy’s imprint, Mord. Following her debut EP on Sonic Groove called Into the Black, and her first full-length on Soma Records titled Fear Paralysis last year, Rebekah is back continuing the narrative with a powerful double EP entitled My Heart Bleeds Black.

After presenting her Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 and hosting her Elements bi-monthly show on Rinse FM, the techno mainstay has established her sound and is touring it at the most important clubs and festivals of the underground circuit. 

This new body of work focuses on Rebekah’s output for the dance floor, including 9 heavy tracks that could easily revitalise any stage. It’s no surprise then that Rebekeah is hosting ‘all night long’ sets at some of the most emblematic venues in each country, as well as the Elements events in order to showcase her label’s vision. 

My Heart Bleeds Black returns to Rebekah’s initial harder and darker tones featuring her signature noisy details of elaborated sound design which aligns perfectly with Mord. Tracks like End of TraumaWaiting for You, or Halo Effect are great examples of Rebekah’s punishing style and illustrates her influences from the Birmingham industrial scene. 

My Heart Bleeds Black is set for release April 13th and will be available in 2×12″ and digital formats. Listen to End of Trauma below via the Soundcloud player.