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Reeko provides the A-Side for the latest EP from Eyes Have It

Mental Disorder Records founder and Pole Group mastermind Reeko joins Group for the latest EP from 30D Record’s sub-label ‘Eyes Have It’. ‘The divergent and distinctive release ‘Sei Tracce In Nero’ has been released in both digital and limited edition vinyl format.

Providing three tracks for the release, we hear Reeko deviate to a far more industrial and abstract sound, every production doused in the dark and mysterious atmosphere that he is famed for.

Holding an air of anonymity, the simplistic titles are worlds away from what the listener has in store.

XXX1 opens with haunting reverb that leads us steadily to ominous static sounds that chop through rumbling basslines of the darkest depths. Increasing the tempo but possessing a similar element of eeriness XXX2 delivers white noise layered with groove and broken beats, taking the listener to the next level of captivation. For XXX3 there is no holding back, fierce, galloping kick drums pounding from the offset, rolling and militant with an air of the otherworldly. Reeko’s trio of productions for the EP are nothing short of horror movie soundtrack perfection.

The consolidation of talents of both Reeko and Group makes ‘Sei Tracce In Nero’ a truly exceptional release for Eyes Have It.