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Producer & DJ Reeko, hailing from the Asturias region of northern Spain, has this week unveiled a decade’s worth of productional exploits; a project appropriately titled as ‘Hidden Exercises’. Released on his very own Mental Disorder Records, it came out this past Monday, April 20th. The full album is now available in digital format via exclusive Bandcamp download.

‘Hidden Exercises’ showcases a collection of works spanning the past ten years from the Spanish mastermind, delving deep into the various experimental stages that have been continuously exhibited throughout his career. Presenting no less than 39 tracks from his vault of productions that otherwise may not have seen the light of day, it’s both definitively complex and refreshingly diverse in it’s components.

Those who embark on the auditory journey will experience the creative arsenal that Reeko has had at his disposal, as each track presents the listener with new sounds, tempos, samples and rhythmics. Without a doubt, this latest addition to Mental Disorder catalogue demonstrates the underlying productional qualities that the Spaniard possesses, which have allowed him to consistently push through the boundaries that other artists are limited by.