Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

The original tracks off Black Asteroid’s debut Thrust LP have been remixed by Regis, Headless Horseman, and The Horrorist. Slam Dance features the elite group of artists reworking cherry-picked songs from the album, as well as some previously unreleased titles from Black Asteroid himself. 

Kicking off with Regis, the Birmingham native brings his unique UK sound to the Black Asteroid original, Metal Drums. Throbbing and gristling, the eerie and foreboding effort takes simple elements and stretches the most out of them. A poignant reminder that simplicity is often key – a stand out from the remixes. 

Following, Headless Horseman provides a lo-fidelity clap alongside sinister voice samples and grinding synth leads for his remix of Sun Explodes. Post apocalyptic and introspective, the effort takes a concept and rides it consistently to the close, allowing listeners to lose themselves in its hypnosis. 

Closing out the remixes is The Horrorist’s effort on Tanglers. EBM-esque, an 80s clap and modular whines follow a marching melody synth. The revitalisation of EBM and post-punk is alive and well within this track. 

Also featuring on the EP are 3 unreleased tracks by Black Asteroid himself – the drone version of Tanglers, the dub version of Howl, and title track Slam Dance.

Slam Dance is out now and is available in digital format only. Listen to Regis’ remix below.