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Italian born Chiara Costanza a.k.a Chiara Kickdrum, is a true artist by all definitions. As a sound designer, composer and producer, she has an uncanny ability to create music that moves; both physically and emotionally. Her latest EP “The Nature of Time” is a fine collection of tracks that hint to her capabilities.

Chiara’s first opening track Matter, is one with a pulsing bassline that sashays about alongside a rattling percussion. Her delivery of this combination is anchored and driven by subtle intricacies in sound.

Contrasting Chiara’s original, Jani Ho’s remix really accentuates the deep end spectrum. As an up-tempo reconstruction of the track, it gives off a feeling of elasticity and fluidity that involuntarily induces movement.

Object is a more rhythmical cut. Starting with a hollow percussion, Chiara swiftly embraces the inclusion of a funky drumbeat that remains heaving for the track’s duration. Object hones into a side of techno that is about movement and sensation, more so than an overpowering low-tone.

Chiara’s last offering is Shifts; a digital affair that fades in and out of focus. The result is a blurring, atmospheric feel that has a lucid effect on the overall sound of the track. Together with a stabbing lead synth and waning low-end, Chiara brings her EP to a close with a punchy bass.

The Nature of Time” is out now on FinnAudio and can be previewed HERE


Words: Isabella Olivieri