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Coming off the success of his live shows in 2013, D-REX has utilised the breadth of knowledge obtained both playing out and in the studio to compile and mix a range of ambient, reverberant sounds into a mix tape. Having thrown down bold, pounding beats in the past, D-REX demonstrates his innate growth as an artist, exhibiting intricate technique in “CP Tape”.

Most apparent in the mix tape is the filter famed by the Korg MS-20. D-REX shows his appreciation for the power of the synthesis, creating sounds so raw that they would rarely be heard mixed into a track; phonetics that are usually the privilege of someone who owns such an instrument.

When asked what motivated the mix tape D-REX says, “It was definitely the walk,” pointing out that the field recordings in the mix took place during the walk home in the early hours. D-REX builds on this, explaining the mix is relatable to that of the thoughts that run through your head during the walk home after a big night out as the brain attempts the impossible – to amass the range of sounds and emotions experienced throughout a whole night into a short trip home.

The mix itself consists of both an A and B side that seamlessly progress from one another. D-REX makes a statement of interpretation with this piece as he brings together some of technos most recognisable accents and couples them with long delays and wide reverbs, but strays from the cliché and creates his own interpretation of synthesis.

Interpret it for yourself.