Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

R&S welcome back highly-revered techno artist Benjamin Damage with his new double headed single Malfunction/Binary.

Montreal, from Damage’s debut R&S EP, proved to be one of the label’s biggest techno releases of the last few years – the pummelling drums, intense atmosphere and beautiful melodies are synonymous with the music that has made the label timeless.

Road tested in Benjamin’s heavy artillery live shows across the globe, Malfunction/Binary picks up where the last EP left off – pistoning rhythms, breakneck beats and monolithic bass, but this time the mood is more reflective and optimistic; skying cloud-like pads offer a dreamy counterpoint.

Made between London and Berlin, following recent live shows at Berghain and Oval Space, Benjamin’s wanderlust and restless studio dynamic sees him continually breaking down his gear to travel, with fantastic results as seen by this most recent effort. 

Malfunction/Binary is set for release July 13th. Listen to Malfunction below in full.