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Sciahri returns to Black Opal with latest EP

Ethereal techno missives from Florentino’s Sciahri, his second outing for Black Opal after 2016’s “Behind the Line” EP.

Again the black eyed hypnosis he is known for layers and coils with cosmic effect. Opener “Insanity” glistens with cut-glass arpeggios against a whooping mid-range of black acid. “Unease” follows recalling his work for Illian Tape with the beat off-stepping against a soft riot of electrical drama and industrial droning. The B opens with “Faith Healing” where eyes and skulls are lifted upwards into a heavenly roller of minimal percussion dressed lavishly in chirruping, amphibious effects and glacial melancholy, reminiscent of Robert Hood jamming with William Basinski. We end with “Shambles”, where the ceiling closes in and horizons narrow into a classic slice of heads down tribal minimal.

Preview the track “Insanity” below.