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The majesty of the natural world has always been integral to Sebastian Mullaert’s music. His approach to art is centered around meditating on nature’s primordial cycles and forces, things he has been fortunate to experience in abundance in his adopted village of Röstånga, in the south of Sweden. It’s that spontaneous transformation in the natural world that forms the emotional core of Natthall, a project that’s so much more than a mere album or series of concerts. These songs – this music – is alive, constantly morphing and evolving in a way that’s reflective of nature. Reflective of ourselves even. Things change, things grow, things die.

Balance and improvisation deeply inform Natthall’s second single, ‘No Words For A Beautiful World’. There seems to be no thought-out arrangements and melodies here, as the track unfolds organically without a preset guide, much like a growing plant or changing landscape. Sparse electronic sounds create voids, environments of mystery that aren’t quite here nor there. In this absence, strings emerge, pulling the listener through. The journey is at times intense and beautiful, and at other times more ambiguous as if trying… searching. But it’s within this indescribable – no words –  limbo that the track’s magic takes place. Lacking a precise direction or an obvious ‘next step’, listeners are invited to fill in the gaps themselves, listening, creating and living in the present moment.

“Nature really holds a reminder of the wild, free, and raw that we also are within,” says Mullaert, “I also think improvised music can have this very strong, healing, effect on people.” Turning inwards is precisely Mullaert’s intention with Natthall, he hopes these tracks can be a gateway to a meditative state and healing experience. 

Listen to the impressive single below!