Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Ben Gibson & Mary Velo step up with two tracks each on a blistering split EP from Shelter Records.

On the A side Ben Gibson kicks things off with his cinematic and heady Now Here. Ethereal strings and carefully produced hats combine with a solid groove which carries the track effortlessly from start to finish – a sure-fire way to keep a set thumping late into the night. Gibson follows on with Trsuru River – a modulated and unpredictable whirl, the interplay between the synth stabs and mids results in a highly infectious and hypnotic tone. With clattering percussion amounting further into the track, Gibson has provided a stark reminder as to why he is one of the most exciting talents coming out of the UK at the moment.

On The B side, Mary Velo presents Code Of Behaviour, a deep cut with an infectious melody and claustrophobic percussion. Taking a demanding tone from the outset, Velo steps back a little with the inclusion of some elegant and floating pads, allowing the heavy kick and throbbing bassline to carry the track to its close. From here, Rack closes the EP in an aggressive fashion. An incredible kick and a heavily distorted lead melody navigates its way through cascading hi-hats. It comes as no surprise that this effort is aimed solely at the peak of the night. 

The split EP is set for release on the 19th March, and is available to pre-order via the link above. Listen to Rack below via the Soundcloud player.