Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

Wolfskuil Records has announced an EP on some of Shlømo’s finest cuts reworked by Oscar Mulero, Johannes Heil, and Tripteo, titled Remixed.

Spanish phenom Oscar Mulero takes complete control over the A-side, keeping the heat of the original Obsession and adding extra tension to offer a stand out rendition. Strained and driven synths keep pace with a throbbing kick, piercing through low fidelity haze. In Vanished Breath, Mulero goes deep and delivers brooding and cinematic electronica. A sophisticated, experimental remix where broken beats and haunting synths blend seamlessly to create ghostly atmospheres.

On the flip, Johannes Heil transforms the beatless, synth-heavy beauty M.U.M. into a euphoric, driving anthem, where a pulsating bassline exhibits an extraterrestrial layer on top of the crisp and clean percussion. Perfect for the beginning, middle, and end of the night, Heil has brought a dynamic twist onto an original ambient effort. 

Following, Tripeo proves once again his strong command on the dancefloor, with a solid and twisted version of Avadon Part 1. Minimal percussion and a swirling lead, Tripeo invites listeners into his dystopian world, where paranoia rains down from the heavens. 

Remixed is set for release on March 30th via Wolfskuil Records, and will be available in physical and digital formats. Listen to Oscar Mulero’s Obsession remix below.