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The anonymous artist SNTS has been a major player in the dark, gritty underworld of industrial techno for the past six years.
He is well known in the world for diffusing his warehouse sound, both as performer as well as the head of two imprints; SNTS Records and Sacred Court Labels. 

Releasing on December 4th, “The Unfinished Fight Against Humanity” is SNTS’ third full-length album following ‘The Rustling Of The  Leaves’ in 2015 and ‘Losing Sight’ in 2016. 

It includes ten tracks that are born from the combination of historical, mystical and current references, which lead to a  reflection of how the human being can complicate its existence due to behaviour and the consequences that  derive from such actions. 
The dark, hard and energetic rhythms of the album narrate the coexistence of diverse human values  throughout history, from peace to war, from love to hate, from empathy to ego. 

In the words of the artist SNTS, “the human being has been created to live in society, the problem arises when society fails to coexist or compete to survive”. 

The album will be available from December 4th on both 12″ and digital formats. Pre-order here!