Techno Music Melbourne

Nexe Records is back, this time featuring the debut EP from SAMOT, titled Forms Of Perception. The NX1 member and label co-owner returns with his solo project delivering a vigorous record including a remix by French producer UVB.

From the opening tip, SAMOT sets the heavy and industrial tone. Petricor opens the release, a slower cut that lures the listener in and leaves them wanting more as it ends. From there, the listener is taken on a journey through the heavier levels of dance on Cutis Ansarina, aimed for the late night animals left on the dancefloor. 

On the flip, Kinestesia is an acid workout with clattering percussions overhead – claustrophobic, emotional, and extremely effective. Coming next is French producer UVB’s remix of Kinesthesia, incorporating his typical industrial style to drive the EP home through the club. 

Overall an excellent release and one that is certainly going to be heard in clubs all over the world. 

Forms of Perception is set for release on March 25th and will be available in both 12″ and digital formats. Listen to Cutis Ansarina below via the Soundcloud player.