Techno Music Melbourne

Intrepid Skin launches with a powerful EP from Polish producer VTSS, resident at Warsaw’s infamous and adventurous party Brutaz. Throughout each of the four tracks present on ‘Self Will’, VTSS provides an uncompromising, distinctive take on the techno, industrial and EBM sounds that provide the foundation for her blistering DJ sets and performances.

Described by Hector Oaks as ‘dangerous cyber-techno’, VTSS injects an experimental and cathartic edge to this debut EP that’s long been in gestation, blending the personal and the peak-time to rousing effect.

Linked immediately grabs dancers by the scruff of the neck with a heavy but rhythmic mechanised stomp, quickly building to an urgent, alarm-like effect that recalls the hedonistic, dystopian atmosphere of bleep techno, one that’s been tripped-back and simultaneously expanded with maximal effect.

On Self Will, from which the EP cribs it’s title, immediate and alarming distortion blossoms into the sound of a psychedelic buzzsaw, with VTSS’ faultless drum programming underpinning a pounding, militant bassline.

On B1, Versatility demonstrates just that, somehow upping the tempo and the energy to Rotterdam-referencing levels, mixing distorted drag vocals with roughneck snares and pummelling bass to engineer a thrilling, bizarro adaptation of big-room techno, loaded with the potential for industrial voguing.

Finally, on Fruition, the cavernous layers of VTSS’ sonic landscape unfurl somewhat to reveal a surprisingly delicate melody, lost on the breeze beneath the energy and chaos of her uncompromising take on high energy techno.

Self Will is to be released on October 16th via Intrepid Skin and will be available in both vinyl and digital formats. Listen to Fruition below via the Soundcloud player.