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SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin imprint returns for an outlandish and typically heavy-hitting fourth release, fresh from the somewhat outrageous underground of the current South Korean electronic music scene. Marcus L is resident at Faust in Seoul, and first met SPFDJ when she played for the city in 2018. In the time since, the two have shared lineups in both London and Mumbai, where Marcus’s distinct taste and technical dexterity became more than obvious to the Intrepid Skin founder.

Those inspired by previous Intrepid Skin transmissions from the scene-defining trilogy of Nene H, Schacke and VTSS will find much more to love in this blistering introduction to Marcus L. Reflecting his sets, Kimchi Slap smashes ML’s love of industrial, trance and nineties techno classics into formidable rave paste.

Already a local rap legend and ‘irreplaceable character’, Kill.gone provides the verses and attitude to the elasticated techno landscape of the title track. On ‘P For Phycho’, Marcus redeems his blatant disregard for correct spelling with a masterful slice of burst drums and quivering acid, beckoning all ravers down a rabbit hole of warehouse-friendly lunacy.

‘Hardcore Reality’ is just as instantaneous, a tunneling carnival ride of miltant bass and ecstatic atmosphere, while Parisian DJ and producer Hadone’s remix of the intimidating ‘Kimchi Slap’ transforms Marcus’s original dish into a dense, tense and surprisingly groovy number.

The EP is digitally available from September 18th on Bandcamp here