Techno from Melbourne and beyond.

To differentiate between his solo, dance-oriented work to the darker tones, Kaczmarek aka Paul Ritch launched his new album titled IIIIIIIIIIIIII on brand new imprint KCZMRK. The label is evidently a more personal project for Paul, helping him define a newly found darker and more genuine taste to produce electronic music. 

Kaczmarek’s immersive sounds on his debut album have been subsequently reworked by Sterac, Vril, Lewis Fautzi, VSK, and Djedjotronic for the upcoming remix EP. 

The EP is introduced gently with a sophisticated remix of IIIII by techno pioneer Sterac, followed by a beautiful and ambient rework of IIIIIIIIII by Vril, which effortlessly communicates his euphoric travel of sound throughout the effort. 

The B side begins with emerging talent Lewis Fautzi and his remix of IIII in a deep and hypnotic cut. Following, VSK and Djedjotronic offer their take of IIIIIIIII. The former sticks to the dark and hard forms of techno with glimmer of deeper and industrial sounds while Djedjotronic enriches Kaczmarek’s dark techno tones with some futuristic IDM.

IIIIIIIIIIIIII Reworks is set for release on the 12th February of this year, and will be available in both physical and digital forms via KCZMRK. Listen to Djedjotronic’s cut from the release below via the Soundcloud player.