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Sunn Boo releases on Melbourne label Tsugu

French DJ and producer Sunn Boo, releases his Exploration 9204 EP on Tsugu. As the 7th release in the series on the Melbourne label, Sunn Boo has created two very dancefloor-orientated tracks accompanied by two remixes. Austria’s Monreal and Australia’s AATM provide the two remixes and highlight different elements in the title-track to make it their own. 

Sunn Boo begins with distortive percussion, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. He continues with a subtle movement in sound before picking up pace and inserting frantic, sharp claps to the mix. Following the introduction of shallow pads, Sunn Boo develops these into distortive and clunky melodies. White Track sashays in with a funky beat and tinny hi-hats that remain active for the track’s duration. The track is a dancefloor-ready number, with its low level rhythms finding a comfortable spot in the fore of the composition. 

These tracks are bookended by two remixes provided by AATM and Monteal who take the EP’s eponymous track into a entirely different direction. AATM finds power in his dark and distortive stabs, nodding to the industrial genre. The sudden stop-start provides a ghostly and macabre atmosphere. Finishing off the EP, Monreal explores a dark and playful palette that is laden with groovy drums, shimmering maracas and a reverbed percussion. 

Exploration 9204 EP is out now on Tsugu.