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System Revival Records has put together a compilation to helps raise funds for the people of Beirut, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to relief – available now on Bandcamp.

This funding will help support organizations on the ground in Beirut in the aftermath of an explosion at the city’s main port one month ago – an explosion which led to an almost unthinkable amount of damage to the city of Beirut and hundreds of thousands of people being displaced. Damage and destruction has affected many sites of infrastructure (including cultural spaces, heritage sites, museums, hospitals, studios), not mention the injured, homeless and hungry families who now find themselves in survival mode.

The compilation includes various styles ranging from ambient, IDM, techno, electro, experimental, including music from the likes of Beirut’s own Nur Jaber, Manni Dee, Umwelt and Peder Mannerfelt. The excellent artwork was created by the talented Conor Dalton.

If you have the means to help in the raising funds for people who were and will be affected for a long time to come, you can listen to and purchase the release below.