Techno Music Melbourne

30drop debuts on Token with From Beyond The Unknown — a six-track journey that evokes an excommunicative sense of splendor from the outer reaches of worlds beyond.

Beginning with Surrender, an immediacy pulsates from the outset and dances towards the playful exuberance of The Informant — calibrating the gears for what frequencies are to be heard in the interim.

Space Beacons delights with elegant pads and wry rhythmic evocations, while Mathematical Language bursts with energies that have been long dormant since the days of Jeff Mills’ The Purpose Maker.

In that same vein, Visitors From The Stars is an entropic message from above, seeking out a communicative line that’s emotive and conductive — leading towards the last track of this journey.

Sagan’s Implication is an adroit homage to the legendary astrophysicist; leaning into melodics that are both marvelous and mysterious all at once — similar to finding the answers that lie above us. All in all, a journey that begins by looking past what’s diegetic and looking for answers past the narrative presented.

From Beyond the Unknown is set for release on October 12, and will be available in both 12″ and digital formats. Listen to snippets from the EP below.