A leading independent Melbourne based techno promoter, events and touring company.

The legendary institution unveils their first ever archival book including 400+ photos, works of 20 photographers, and 40 stories, some of which have never been told before. 

The protagonists featured in the book initiated or witnessed the context and consequences of the ‘big bang’ that brought techno to Berlin in the early 90’s, along with images sourced from Tresor’s collection including archival photographs, flyers, documents, news clippings, record sleeves, and much more.

Tresor: True Stories recalls the origin story of Tresor in immaculate detail.

From the moment Dimitri Hegemann, Achim Kohlberger and Johnnie Stieler discovered the abandoned vaults of the Wertheim department store, to the late Regina Baer, the co-founder of Kraftwerk and Tresor, which she managed from 1991 until 2005. Baer accounts her journey to Berlin, her stories from the founding days of the club and the move from its original location to the iconic space on Köpenicker Straße in 2005, some of which are among the last recorded quotes from Baer who very recently passed.

Other contributors to this oral history include UR co-founders Jeff Mills, “Mad” Mike Banks, Carola Stoiber, Electric Indigo, Mark Reeder, Alexandra Dröhner, and many more.

Tresor: True Stories will be ready for shipping on September 9th, 2022.

Preorder in English via Tresor Webshop.