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DJ Sotofett and LNS have teamed up with Tresor Records for ‘Sputters’, a double-vinyl album with 15 lively cuts that span a hybrid of warped electro and psychedelic hypnosis, all the while remaining fixed in an unmistakable dance release. Recorded between 2017–2020, and bookmarked throughout by intros and interludes dug out from archival material, it’s a deconstructed yet classic compound of techno-sonics.

Canada’s LNS is rooted in braindance, electro and acid. Releasing 12inches on both her self-titled imprint and Sotofett’s ‘Wania’, whilst in the studio, has often pointed out “the lacking blend of dub and electro in dance music”; her adjoining partenr DJ Sotofett, hailing from Moss, Norway, is commonly known for the extended work of his Sex Tags Mania and Wania labels, without forgetting his afro, dub and jazz releases on Honest Jon’s London.

On ‘Sputtering’, the duo raspily beams into outer space, as DJ Sotofett and LNS deliver an album inhabiting a world full of sci-fi sonics and fierce groove – displaying their unique sound that is free and live, while remaining simultaneously wondrous and sharp. 

The album will be released on June 25th 2021, on both digital and 12″ formats.