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Tresor unveils Jensen Interceptor x DeFeKT ‘Free Your Body’ EP

Free Your Body is the second part of DeFeKT and Jensen Interceptor’s exploration of themes relating to attitudes towards chronic or hidden illness: both producers have personal experience of the effects of MS, a chronic illness affecting the central nervous system.

As well as being a common passion of both producers, according to DeFeKT (AKA Matthew Flanagan), electro is a “perfect vehicle to explore this feeling of having your body become alien to your mind [from the effects of MS]…electro is an alien music to an extent. If you aren’t into the sound it probably sounds jerky and unnatural.”

This sense of the ordinary/normal becoming alien/distorted is echoed in the artwork for both EPs: photographs of personal resonance for the artists have been inverted, transforming the familiar into the uncharted.

The process of creating these tracks was a liberating experience for Flanagan, “My mind felt free from worrying about what I couldn’t control…and when the mind is free the body tends to follow. These records feel like the pinnacle of our journey so far. An ending point but a place to set off on the next journey. We’re so happy they are being released on Tresor – it feels like they’ve come home to where they should be.”

The 5-track EP will be available from October 28th – purchase here.

Listen to a preview from the release below!