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Vohkinne joins Berlin label Kynant with his EP Wind Shadows

Melbourne’s Vohkinne joins Berlin-based Kynant Records with his latest EP Wind Shadows. A release that features three very different tracks stylistically, Wind Shadows explores a side of Vohkinne that has mostly been uncharted on his own label, Atrophic Society. Mere months since his last EP Bathed in Dust, was released on Atrophic Society, Vohkinne leads listeners through his tribal and industrial inclinations. Each track brings its own unique sound to the fore whilst remaining unified through the EP’s weighted intensity.

The EP’s eponymous track is a slow riser; allowing each element to slowly intensify. With a stop-start rhythm that emphasises the industrial techno qualities, listeners find themselves drawn into the sparse machine-like humming that is held together with the glue of a grounded kick-drum.

Moving into “Watching Over Us”, Vohkinne has created a track that is more upbeat; with a dense 4×4 making for a dancefloor track. The processed, sashaying hats in “Watching Over Us” display his ability to combine crisp rhythms with inspired synth-pads and textural soundscapes. Heeding a more experimental direction, the final track, “The Heretic,” is more unpredictable, with an off-kilter beat, and a high-pitched melody that is topped off with harsh accents.

Wind Shadows is laden with clanking samples and serious kick drums throughout, and is another piece that can be added to his catalogue of heavy hitting, ear-crunching techno.

Wind Shadows EP is out now on Kynant Records.