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Wallis unveils ‘Trust No One’ EP on personal Jell imprint

Wallis is back at long last with another EP: ‘Trust No One’.

The release marks the official launch of her label, Jell, and showcases its new aesthetic. The four tracks produced by Wallis tell an emotional story; a very personal story with cinematographic ideas and unique sound design. Her trademark musical construction is present along with a discovery of new aspects to her music. This EP tells the story of the intimate evolution of her artistic journey, sprinkled with some clever ideas hidden in the music.

The devil lies in the details, and this EP is produced with the very aim of constant discovery upon consumption: every listen might allow one to spot new aspects in the music, hidden words or perhaps, amongst many other things, the use of foley sounds such as lighters and matches used to create percussive elements.

The EP is available from July 8th here – listen to ‘Let’s Be Clear I Trust No One’ below.