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Joining us for our 17th Podcast is a DJ, producer and live artist that has gained the respect of the techno community in Australia and beyond over the past 14 years; We are talking about none other than Craig McWhinney.

His position in Melbourne’s techno scene is one that he established almost over night. After seeing Jeff Mills perform at Hardware 18 in the late 90s, he was captivated and still calls it his “number one love.” Within a year he had bought turntables and had his first set at Mike Callander’s Fokus night.

Now, as the label head of Atrophic Society, Craig McWhinney has enjoyed the success of his own tracks (including those under his alias Vohkinne), as well as father the releases of Ben Sims, Brendon Moeller and Tripeo, which in turn, has garnered support from Surgeon, Rrose, The Black Dog and Pfirter and gained a charting on Beatport Techno Charts.

The mix covers almost all of the bases; starting off with moody and atmospheric undertones before progressively building up to a solid combination of fast paced, rolling peak time slammers.