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Ansome – June 2018

Ansome finds himself well-poised. A relatively new name in UK techno, he’s beginning to see the fruits of a couple years of hard work spent running two labels: Discos Dead from 2013 until 2014 and now South London Analogue Material (S.L.A.M.), a platform for both his own releases and those of like-minded producers.

A university student whose background lies in electronic music and sound design, Kieran Whitefield, moved to London for study, with the city becoming the centre of his musical interests as he immersed himself in the sounds of fellow Londoner Ali Wells, aka Perc, and his Perc Trax label, which has risen to international acclaim in recent years by pushing its sound in ever harsher and more experimental directions.

Today, Ansome emerges as one of the noisiest, pursuing gritty sonics through hardware-based, industrial-leaning experimentation that has been well-documented in videos of his scorching live PA sets.