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Fiedel – May 2023

German maestro Fiedel arrives in Australia this May.

Where others make distinctions, Fiedel sees connections, where others find emptiness; he finds rooms full of opportunities.

Finding those harmonies, connections and contexts marks out his musical work. The synthesis of apparently opposing music, the interaction and the mix of styles and moods, without loosing the storyline, that makes out the characteristic Fiedel sound.

Born and raised in Brandenburg, he finds access to the music through various artists and styles in the mid 1980s. He was influenced by artists of the old school hip hop genre like Mantronix and Egyptian Lover, as well as  the early works of Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. A very important influence was Monika Dietl’s radio show at Radio 4U in West-Berlin; with her show arousing the fascination and the longing for musical freedom and diversity, that was not possible in former Eastern Germany. Those impressions gave him a first feeling, a first vision of what should become alive later on.

You can say one thing about Fiedel: he is no techno or house stereotype pattern, that you can put randomly on at every evening or club. He is lead by his history, the history of the music and the feeling of the moment to build something new and to capture this very moment. Let it be the straight dark techno of today, banging acid of the 80’s or an electro funk record, Fiedel surprises.

He undermines and overrides expectations and refrains to limit the music for any reason. He lets the music speak for itself, through himself.

Stay tuned for further details…