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etc: 9-5(AM) – Thursday May 8th – The Liberty Social

Long time and close friends of Bunker Christopher Sutherland & Cheyenne Dawson are tomorrow releasing a collaborative 40 page documentation on Melbourne’s nightlife in the dive bar at The Liberty Social.

Spanning across 4 years, most of the images have never seen the light of day and range from shots at parties, after parties, after after parties, canid shots of people doing things people do and pretty much everything in between. More info on Chris & Cheyenne can be read below;

Cheyenne Dawson:
Within in the 4 years that have drunkenly and highly gone past, I have been documenting the humans around me in my city of Melbourne. The people I get attracted by, consumed by and strangely indulge in.
It has all been worth the days at work with no sleep and a buzzing mind to go and process numerous amount of film and be like “Who is that babe?” .. or “Oh fuck” or just to feel pure joy by what I had captured. 

Christopher Sutherland:
Since turning 18, I have always worked in or around nightlife. Roughly 3 nights a week, 144 nights a year, more hours than i want to know, for the past 4, approaching 5 years. I have always had a strange compulsion to document the people & events around me. It’s become an involuntary action. I have thousands of photos of people growing up, Looking their best & worst. Scenes, trends & the best and worse of this city. 

etc: 9-5(AM) – Thursday May 8th – The Liberty Social